Material Handling 20rpm 2000L SUS304 IBC Bin Blender

기본 정보
원래 장소: 중국
브랜드 이름: AM
인증: CE, cGMP, ISO9001:2010
모델 번호: HZD
최소 주문 수량: 1개 부분
가격: Upon request
포장 세부 사항: 가닥 나무로 되는 상자
배달 시간: 계약금과 기술적 설명 위의 60~90 일
지불 조건: T/T, L/C
공급 능력: 생산 계획에 따라서
모델: HZD 이름: IBC 믹서
접촉 물자: SUS304/SUS316L 전원 공급기: AC220V 60Hz/AC380V 50Hz 3P
크기 맥스 Bin: 2000 L 크기 혼합 Bin: 400 L
최대 부하: 1000 KG 혼합 속도: 3-20 rpm
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SUS304 IBC Bin Blender


2000L IBC Bin Blender


20rpm Ibc Tank Mixer

Powder Material IBC Bin Blender Machine Material Handling, tumbler

IBC Blender


 The machine can meet the mixing requirements for large batches and diversified varieties of products. It is an ideal machine for mixing in such industries as pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, dairy products. etc. It is now widely applied.

 Working principle:


The machine is composed of machine base. gyrator. driving system, lifting and lowering system. braking system and control system. When it
works. push the mixing hopper into the gyrator. Press the "confirm· button on the touch screen to automatically lift the mixing hopper to the designated position and automatically clamp it. After the PLC control system receives the clamping signal, the driving system works and carries out mixing according to the set time and rotati on speed. After the set parameters are reached, the gyrator will automatically stop vertically.
At the same time. the braking system works and the mixing is finished. Then press the 'lower" button. the mixing hopper in the gyrator will fall to
the designated position and stop automatically, and process data will be printed. Then the mixing hopper is pushed out and transferred to the
next procedure.

The machine adopts the most advanced design concept of SAR LABORTECNIC Company, featured by reasonable structure, stable performance and simple operation.
It adopts PLC automatic control. It is also provided with the infrared safety device to ensure safe and reliable production.
One machine can be equipped with hoppers of various specifications and quantities.
The machine is provided with the multiple safety interlocking mechanism.

It is provided with built-in automatic fault self-diagnosis system.

It meets FDA/cGMP requirements.


Model Rotation speed [rpm] Net load [kg] Power [kw] Weight [kg] Dimension [mm]
HZD400 2-15 200 6 1800 3000*2600*3200
HZD600 2-15 300 7 2200 3210*2700*3400
HZD800 2-15 400 7 2500 3210*3000*3400
HZD1000 2-12 500 8.5 2700 3410*3100*3600
HZD1200 2-12 600 8.5 2900 3410*3300*3600
HZD1500 2-12 750 10.5 3300 3410*3250*3800
HZD1800 2-12 900 10.5 3600 3410*3300*3800
HZD2000 2-12 1000 10.5 3900 3410*3500*4000

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