800kg/H Powder Milling Pharmaceutical Pulverizer Air Cooling

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원래 장소: 중국
브랜드 이름: AM
인증: CE, cGMP, ISO9001:2010
모델 번호: 사이클론 집진기가 장착 된 WF 범용 분쇄기
최소 주문 수량: 1개 부분
가격: Upon request
포장 세부 사항: 가닥 나무로 되는 상자
배달 시간: 계약금과 기술적 설명 위의 60 일
지불 조건: 전신환, L/C (신용장)
공급 능력: 생산 계획에 따라서
이름: 흡진장치와 WF 보편적 분쇄기 모델: WF-40B
생산 능력: 160-800 킬로그램 / hr 힘: 11 KW
회전 속도: 3400 rpm 인레트 크기: 15 이하 밀리미터
수단 입자 크기: 20-120 메시 전원 공급기: 부지 조건에 따르면
재료: SUS304/SUS316L 애플리케이션: 파마 / 식품 / 화학
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Powder Milling Pharmaceutical Pulverizer


800kg/H Pharmaceutical Pulverizer


Air Cooling Pharmaceutical Pulverizer

WF Universal Pulverizer Machine with Cyclone Dust Collector Pharmaceutical food 20-120 mesh powder milling machine
WF Universal Pulverizer Machine with Cyclone Dust Collector

Universal pulverizer

1. Definition of universal pulverizer: The so-called universal pulverizer is not really omnipotent. It means that it has a wide range of applicability and wide application width.


2. Classification of universal pulverizer: There are two mainstream classification methods in the industry.


The first one is to directly define the universal pulverizer as hammer type and disc type. Air cooling, turbines, and blades are classified separately. Personally think: This classification method has lost the meaning of "omnipotent". Because, excluding the difference in tool combination, the basic production method and production process are very different.


The second type is divided into:


Grinding disc type/hexagonal rod type/needle rod type universal crusher

Hammer type/hammer type/hammerhead type universal crusher

Turbo type universal crusher

Air-cooled universal crusher

Knife type/cutter type/shear type/moving blade type universal crusher


The above five categories are suitable for selection according to the characteristics of the materials and the different effects that need to be crushed. For the specific selection, please contact our company directly to discuss the finalization.


Main purpose

This machine is widely used in the crushing of materials in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.


Application of the cyclone dust collector

This application of the cyclone dust collector is a strong dust-controlling solution for the pulverization process. It is suitable for materials with obvious particle differences and which can be easily separated by a cyclone dust collector. 

The cyclone dust collector does not require replacing and cleaning of filter bags frequently. 













Output capacity (kg/h) 20-150 40-200 80-400 160-800 200-1000 250-1500 350-2000 500-3000
Inlet particle size (mm) < 10 < 10 < 12 < 15 < 18 < 20 < 25 < 28
Output particle size (mm) 20-120 20-120 20-120 20-120 20-120 20-120 20-120 20-120
Total power (kw) 2.2 4 7.5 11 15 22 37 55
Main shaft speed (rpm) 6000 4500 3800 3400 3000 2800 2400 2000
Dimensions (L×W×H) 550×400×850 600×550×1250 700×600×1450 900×800×1550 1050×850×1750 1100×900×1880 1200×950×2000 1350×1000×2100
Machine weight (Kg) 150 280 340 450 600 900 1250 1580

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800kg/H Powder Milling Pharmaceutical Pulverizer Air Cooling 0 800kg/H Powder Milling Pharmaceutical Pulverizer Air Cooling 1


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